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Zen Stones

Ancient Healing Method 

Mind, Body, Soul & Life

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The Power Lives Within You

"The portal to the Highest expression of your Self is through your Self"

Life is an opportunity for you to experience the Earthly realm, and all it has to offer you as you journey to remembering that you are a Divine Being who is here for a purpose!

I support you to live your life in the highest manifestation of the Divine.

We are all souls in bodily vessels here to experience the Earthly realm and to experience life as we reconnect and remember our soul’s essence and truth.

You are an expression of the Divine but somewhere along this journey you have forgotten who you are - are you ready to come back home to your Self? To know your Self as you truly are?

YOU get to decide how you want to show up on, and for this journey.

Through each of my offerings is the opportunity to experience healing, empowerment and connection through the light that lives within each of us. Through the embodiment of wisdom and love, I guide you to reclaim your inner power, to raise your vibrations and to unlock your fullest potential!

You were guided here, to this very moment in time.

I am grateful for your presence.

This moment is a turning point.

The question is: Are you ready?

Upcoming Events

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Moon Circle

Journey with the phases of the moon and connect with the Divine feminine within.

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Energy Healing

Weekly private sessions to identify and heal the source of any imbalance of energy.

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One To One


Tailored sessions designed to support your individual needs in specific areas of your life.

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Interactive workshops exploring different life themes, including journeying in self-love.

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Sister Circle

A safe & sacred space for you to experience the power of sisterhood & to explore your spirituality

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My Specialisations

I am experienced in working with Universal laws and subtle energy. I support you in the journey of healing and raising your vibrations with subtle energy practices, meditation, ritual and prayer. It is my intention that others see themselves from their soul's perspective; as extensions of the Divine so that they can shine their own light into the world and a lead a purposeful, soul led life.