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About Me

I am in deep gratitude for your presence here - thank you!

A Womxn’s Circle space holder, a Master Energy Healer and your spiritual mentor! Welcome!

My journey didn’t start with some sort of spiritual awakening that followed a major event in my life. In fact, there is no one moment that I can label my wake-up call. I had a series of calls - it was like my phone was ringing off the hook! The turning point was coming out of a 6 year emotionally abusive relationship in 2014.

I experienced several similar lessons and challenges over the years that came after. The Universe's not-so-gentle reminder that I was going to live this cycle until I chose to change it - so that's what I did! I answered the Universe's on-going invitation into my own healing, into claiming sovereignty over my life, into seeing my experiences as opportunities for growth and rebirth. As a clairsentient in this lifetime (amongst other gifts), I began to live through my heart and in alignment with my truth and my intuition.

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