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Moon Circles

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Moon Circles

An invitation for us to journey with the phases of the moon and to harness and integrate its potent energy into our lives.

A moon circle is an ancient practice where we gather together in a safe and sacred space to share our own unique stories; to be heard, be seen, be held, and to share the wisdom within each of us without judgment, advice or criticism.

Come and journey with us…

You will be guided to journey within to rediscover the expanse of knowledge and wisdom, a whole other world that is revealed to you as you connect back to your Self. A world where anything and everything is possible. A world where the power of the Divine feminine awaits you; to guide you with love and to show you the power within you. From this space, we can live a life in flow, honouring the cycles of the moon, safe in the knowledge that we are divinely guided and supported by the whole Universe.

We open with intention, and practice meditation, journalling, self-inquiry, ritual and affirmations. We connect with our hearts and our truth. Charged up with the energy of those gathered with us, we enter a space where we can release, grow, heal and align with our true selves. As we close the circle, we hold each others wisdom in our hearts as tools to help us grow. We pray for health, love, abundance, blessing and the highest vibrations for each of us until we meet again.

We are interconnected in the circle, soul to soul.

Online circles are pay what you want and 11% of contributions from our exchange will support growing ethical businesses. Each purchase is then gifted at the end of each month in a giveaway!

I have been trained in facilitating Women's Circles by Anoushka Florence from The Goddess Space, and I am a Certified Global Sisterhood facilitator.

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