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December 2022: Monthly Energy Update

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

A recap...

The month of November was a spiritual segue. It continued eclipse season with a powerfull full moon & total lunar eclipse on the 8th. November also ushered in the powerfull energetic new year that was the 11/11 portal.

The energetic new year of the 11/11 portal was an ideal time to manifest. If you put your intentions out to the Universe, may your intentions or better be made manifest with ease!

November wasn't just for manifesting though. It also allowed for all of the lessons from the previous months to be absorbed, for us to process them so that we can make sense of them under a fresh perspective. If you took advantage of the energetic opportunity for growth - I see you and I celebrate you. If not, there's still time.

November’s energy was where the spiritual lessons we’ve learned were felt and acted upon. Because without the 11/11 portal processing & bringing together all the transformation that has been experienced, true new beginnings cannot happen. Which leads us very nicely into the energy of December.

A new cycle begins...

December's core energy is based in solid new beginnings!

This energy of new beginnings falls in Sagittarius season and “archers taking their shots”, which is what this month’s energy is asking of you. Shoot your shot! Aim for Mars the stars.

It’s an exciting time for you to go for what you want, whether it be a new love, a new job or a new direction.

Following that, we find ourselves in the grounding and balanced energy of Capricorn season which opens a powerful solstice energy.

Most exciting of all this month is the astrology. We have another course correction on the path of our destinies. This energy will really put you face to face with all the lessons learned in the last few months and invite you to move forward from a place of wisdom.

After all, lessons aren’t really learned if we don’t take aligned action in response.

And, of course, we have the planet of expansion Jupiter, moving into the fire sign of Aries. Jupiter thrives in fire energy. The last time Jupiter was in Aries was at the end of May, which should give us an indication of what’s to come for us during the first few months of 2023. Do you remember what was going on for you then? My solar return is at the end of May, so I would have been enjoying quality family time and exploring new places, as well as making new connections.

Jupiter is a powerful planet and when it moves into Jupiter in the latter part of this month, it begins a 10year cycle which lasts until 2032! So this is a very special time as it allows for Jupiter’s energy to be felt uninterrupted - without it retrograding into a different sign to what it had been in.

A year of growth

What that means for all of us is SO much expansion and growth. A period of prosperity and much professional and personal development.

So welcome to the month of new beginnings as this takes us forward into 2023 and beyond!

Get ready to experience a big ending to 2022.

I'm excited for 2023 & all the magic that it will bring with it. I will be embarking on new journeys, new learning. I will have lots of new offerings coming your way so make sure you keep in touch and don't forget to check out my upcoming events!

May it be a magical end to 2022 for you!

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