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The Rise of the Divine Feminine

The rise of the divine feminine is not about women ruling the world, or even about valuing the essence of the divine feminine over that of the masculine. It is about placing value and focus on the feminine energy system, to bring balance to a world that has forgotten how to live and move from a unified space of both energies.

We are in a time where we move at a very fast pace; our world is transforming rapidly, and we may feel like we have to constantly be active and directional in order to keep up. But what has been lacking on this planet for many centuries is true balance between masculine and feminine energies.

The masculine and feminine energies, or essences, exist in everything - within each of us and within everything all around us – from the yin-yang of universal energy systems to the sun and the moon in nature, even down to our anatomy. Both are needed for creation and life to continue. One is not better than the other. We all possess and require both forms and styles of expression.

However, throughout history we have seen an imbalance, and the suppression of the feminine energy in our cultural and social paradigms. The hierarchy and systems that place the qualities of the divine masculine over the qualities of the divine feminine have impacted all of us, regardless of how you identify. The manifestation of this has meant that nearly all the ways we perceive success, worth and value fall into the masculine set of qualities. By highly valuing the masculine approaches to life, we end up devaluing or underplaying the feminine energy characteristics. For many of us, this has led to a denial of the parts of ourselves that have always existed and a denial of the gifts of the feminine energy. And not just by society, but by ourselves too.

“The Divine Feminine energy is an expression of higher, or divine truth: a mandate for conscious, healing behaviour with characteristics, such as: trusting in the infinite flow of life, natural rhythms and cycles, embracing light and radiance, acting from unconditional love and compassion, healing through forgiveness and acceptance, accessing the wisdom of the open heart, embodying grace and cultivating peace” – You are a Goddess, Sophie Bashford.

I write about this from personal experience too. I have lived most of my adult life out of balance, over-identifying with the masculine energy within, despite that I love being a woman. I wasn't even aware that this was the case because I had been conditioned to value the masculine way of life over qualities such as stillness and following my intuition.

The last 18 months have been a journey of unlearning, relearning and reclaiming my feminine essence. Learning from the wisdom of Mother Nature herself, I began to see that to reclaim the part of my essence that I had either consciously or unconsciously suppressed, I had to release some of the masculine qualities I had held on to. I had to make room for the remembrance of the feminine so it could bloom and continue to grow. Like the cycles of nature, I began to honour the flow of my body’s wisdom, resting when called to do so and trusting that the time for action would come again. In release and rest, there is also compassion, patience and acceptance – all these are part of the ‘being’ feminine essence – parts that have little or no place in the current masculine dominated 'doing' model of society. Allowing myself the space to plug out of the matrix and explore my emotions without judgement, so that I could reconnect with and reclaim my feminine energy, meant that when I wanted to plug back in, I was doing so with a higher vibration. A vibration aligned with both energies; aligned with all that is. This is why I am so passionate about nurturing the divine feminine energies within me and holding space for others to do the same.

Activating the divine feminine within is so important. It enables us to individually transform our worlds, and to collectively raise the vibration of humanity. Embodying divine feminine qualities of relationship and connection, listening to our hearts, being in touch with the emotional and spiritual planes, receptivity, flow, compassion, love, empathy and inner peace create space for a reunion of the subtle energies that live within us and all around us.

With an increase of women coming out of their “spiritual closets”, embracing their gifts, and gathering together in sacred spaces, the rise of the feminine is here and is happening! Embodied feminine leaders are paving the way through remembrance, shining their light and sharing their wisdom. But the work of embracing and embodying the feminine is for all of us – no matter how you identify! Embrace it and you will be part of a movement that helps birth a new, harmonious, more balanced Earth. Deny it, and you stay out of balance and in conflict with yourself.

The future is a balance; a union of both the divine feminine and masculine energies. Both are essential for creation in every part of the Universe. Together, they are the creative force that reflects from the inner into the outer world, and united they allow for all of humanity to rise together.

May you find the balance and union within you, and may it radiate out of you onto this planet.

With love and infinite gratitude x

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