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Top 5 Tips To Make The Most of Your Akashic Reading

Updated: May 18, 2021

So, you’ve booked your Akashic reading, congratulations! And now you want to know the best way to get prepared. You’re in the right place. In this blog, I’ve prepared my top 5 tips to get you started.

A reading is a sacred opportunity to see yourself, and your life circumstances from the perspective of your soul: that of unconditional love. Whether this is your first or tenth reading, it’s really important that you honour the sacredness of the process. Opening our Records gives us the opportunity to recognise that we are of the light, that it is our core essence and to see all others and life in that light.

Every reading begins with a prayer. The prayer supports access to the consciousness of the Records in an intentional and responsible way. For some, there is a dramatic shift in the senses, but for most of us, the experience is much more subtle.

So let’s explore how to make the most of our time together.

1. Your wellbeing is important!

It’s important that you give yourself the time before your reading to consider the reasons you scheduled one. Dig deep and get real honest with yourself: What areas of your life do you need information, clarity or understanding? Are there areas of your life you’ve noticed patterns that are hard to change? What is happening (or not happening as the case may be) in your life right now that called you to book a reading? It’s useful to keep in mind that while you may be curious about the Akashic Records, the reading is about you - as it should be! The focus is on you and the quality of your life. Now tell me that isn’t exciting?!

2. Prepare your questions!

Writing down your questions or at least having an idea of what you want to ask allows you to cover more ground and to get the most from your reading. Questions that answer what, why or how work best. Be open to your own inner guidance with these - there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ questions - there is only your intuition and what you need answers to. Sometimes, we find ourselves more interested in some areas of our lives than others. That is part of the flow of our lives. What is valuable is to be clear about what issues are significant to you at this time.

3. Avoid questions that start when!

Time is a human construct, it does not matter in the same way in the Records because the Records are infinite and eternal. They are not bound by the parameters of Earthly time and space. They exist everywhere, all at once, and always in the here and now. Asking for a timeline of what will happen and when will not give you the answers you want. Instead you may receive scenarios, advice and opportunities to gain clarity from the wisdom of the Records.

4. Avoid questions with yes or no answers!

One of our gifts as human beings is free will. The outcome of our lives is ultimately up to us: it’s determined by our life choices and life circumstances. That free will remains our gift even as we enter the Records - the information that is channeled won’t tell you what to do - rather it broadens your perspective and provides options, guidance and advice. You are responsible for your life, and yes or no questions give away your power by putting the decision-making process - and ultimately, the outcome - in someone else’s hands. Take your power back and ask open-ended questions.

5. Incase you needed it, here’s a reminder: it’s all about YOU!

Remember that I can’t read for anyone but you! The information provided is about you and from your soul’s perspective only.

Know that your reading is a sharing of the highly-ascended frequency of the Akashic Records. Open yourself up to the spirit of light and truth uplifting you and illuminating your path!

See you at your reading! Sending you the highest blessings.

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